Kyrö Gin Tasting Set

Kyrö Gin Duo Tasting Set

Kyrö Gin Duo Tasting Set

Taste Kyrö Gin and Kyrö Dark Gin. Our 2 x 100ml Kyrö Gin Tasting Set is the perfect way to try our rye gins. Packed in 100% recycled plastic.

Enjoy our rye gin two ways: Finnish summer in a bottle and a gin for when the weather sucks. Packed in 100% recycled plastic.


Rye gin with a heart of wild nature and naked ambition. Herbal and sweet, with notes of peppery rye.


Rye gin aged in oak barrels and fierce weather. Gives notes of honey, orange, and warm spice.

All our glass bottles are made from clear recyclable glass (#70 GL). The corks are made from wood (#50 FOR), and the capsule is from recyclable plastic (#1 PET). The packing material is recyclable cardboard (#20 PAP). The plastic bottles in our Tasting Sets are made from recycled plastic (#1 rPET(E)), the caps from recyclable aluminum (#41 ALU) and the package from recyclable cardboard (#20 PAP).

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