Our Values

Cheers to tomorrow

At the very beginning of our journey, we wrote down the values that we wanted to uphold at Kyrö. We would do our best to operate in a way that generations after us can also enjoy Finnish rye.

Kyrö has been sustainable from a social, ecological, and economic point of view from the beginning. We are committed to promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We focus on issues that affect the carrying capacity of the environment, as well as do our part to reduce inequality.

Lowering our energy consumption

One of our most important endeavours is to reduce energy consumption in production. For our new whisky distillery, we use regional biogas, which utilises waste from fish and pig processing as a raw material.

Currently, our distillery and visitor centre run on 99% renewable energy and hot water is a key element in the distillation process; we reuse it several times in the process and also use it to heat our facilities and nearby buildings. Side streams from the alcohol production are also used for our pot ale, which is used as feed for the livestock in the neighbourhood.

Regional communities and equal opportunities

Our regional roots are what define us as a brand - at home and around the world. We work with regional communities and organisations that focus on reducing inequality, both in Finland and internationally.

We work with Pertin Valinta to help people with developmental difficulties to enjoy life and participate fully in society, as well as supporting the Ylipää Youth Club in Isokyrö, which runs the local food bank and provides food aid in the region, and helps Ukrainian refugees to find housing.

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