Raise your spirits the Finnish way

The sauna-induced idea that led to award-winning rye whiskies, gins, and liquors
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Rye – The Spirit of Finland

Like so many brilliant Finnish ideas and half of its population, the concept for this all-rye distillery was conceived in a sauna. The founders were sipping on a rye whisky, and a relevant question arose: with rye thriving in abundance in the brutal Finnish climate and having been a culinary staple for centuries, why hadn’t anyone thought of turning it into spirits yet?

Somewhat surprisingly (given the amounts of rye consumed that night) the idea of starting their own distillery still felt right the next morning.

And so, on that hazy morning back in 2012, the Kyrö Distillery Company was born.

Kyrö Malt 700ml
Kyrö Malt Whisky
Kyrö Malt Oloroso Whisky
Kyrö Wood Smoke Whisky
Kyrö Peat Smoke Whisky

Are you a gin-ius or a whisky whiz?

Sucker for our gins? Go on, take a risk and give our whiskies a try.


Lover of our whiskies? We double-dare you to step onto the gin side.


Fin(n)ish the week in style

Vodka Mule

Enjoy this vodka mule made with our award-winning vodka and pickle juice. Yes, pickles. You're just gonna have to trust us on that.

Gin & Tonic

Voted the best Gin and Tonic in the world, our version features fresh rosemary and cranberries.

Whisky Sour

What's your favourite way to eat your egg(whites)? We prefer them in a whisky sour.

Highest Quality & Safe

We only ever use sustainably sourced, high-quality Nordic ingredients and are responsible for the entire distillation and bottling process.

Authentic & approachable

We're dedicated to making great drinks for all occasions, but you'll never see us tell you how to enjoy them – we leave that up to you.

Bold & innovative flavours

We're always looking to create something new and exciting, whether by ourselves or as a collaboration.