Gin & Juice

Enjoy hot or cold with cloudy apple juice and a slice of fresh apple. 

5 cl Kyrö Dark Gin

10 cl cloudy apple juice

A slice of fresh apple 


Pour liquids into a glass (over ice). Carefully stir together. Garnish with an apple slice. Getting cold? Heat the apple juice and forget about the ice.

Making a cocktail has never been easier

Whatever you do, don't overthink this one. All you need is two ingredients and a glass, if possible.

It's easy and tasty. Two good reasons even Snoop Dogg sings about this one. You could use any juice, but may we suggest you try barrel-aged rye gin with some cloudy apple juice. Garnish with an apple slice or try some vanilla sugar on top. Even a cinnamon stick works.

We refer to our Dark Gin as "gin for when the weather sucks" which is why this cocktail can be enjoyed cold, or hot - as in, when it's so gross outside that you absolutely need something to warm you up. Feel free to spice up the Gin & Juice with a dash of cinnamon or ginger to give it that extra depth of flavour and warmth. It's best enjoyed with a group of loved ones, huddled around a roaring fire after a dark, long day. Basically, any day in Finland.