Cheers to tomorrow

We wrote down the values according to which we wanted Kyrö to operate at the very beginning. We thought about it in the sauna, of course, and decided to we shall behave like decent citizens in this world. We would do things so that generations after us can enjoy Finnish rye.

As a result of those conversations in sauna, Kyrö has been sustainable from a social, ecological and economic point of view from the beginning. We are committed to promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We focus on issues that affect the carrying capacity of the environment and do our part to reduce inequality.

Energy consumption to a minimum

Our new whiskey distillery utilizes biogas for energy, which is produced from otherwise wasted pork manure and waste. Currently, 99.9% of the energy in the distillery and visitor center is produced through renewable energy sources.

Hot water is an essential part of the distillation process. We continue to use hot water to heat our properties. The fraction from the distillation of the alcohol, the string, is fed to Ostrobothnian cows and the methanol generated in the process helps to keep the local sewage clean.

Equality here, there and everywhere

Locality has made us "us". We found our home in Isostakyrö and from there we take Finnish rye to the world. We locally support the food aid to those in need in Isokyrö.

We work proactively with local equality associations and work to reduce inequalities through our own efforts.

Sustainable travels to Isokyrö

Our visitor center in Isokyrö is a Green Key -certified tourist destination.

Travel with care

For us, the ecological and social responsibility of our operations is extremely important. Certification is the first step in the path of continuous development, as the continuation of certification depends on annual development.

That is why we have all kinds of small, but all the more important, planned for the future. In the summer, for example, you can borrow a bike from us for a visit, which allows you to comfortably get around other attractions in Isonkyrö. The bikes have been recycled and refurbished by us, and a map of nearby points of interest is currently under construction.